Hotel Management.....Why Do I Do This?

01 December 2007

'You are the weakest link....fuck off'

I got a text today from a receptionist at my last Hotel, a lovely woman, warm, kind, funny, fantastic with the guests, who is also highly professional. She wanted my opinion on a letter she was going to send to her General Manager.

In short, she gave notice, but not before making a formal complaint about her treatment by the new Front office manager. To say this woman is a tad rude is the understatement of the year.

I have certainly met and indeed worked with far worse, but I don't have dyslexia, am not as forgiving as my receptionist friend, and I am not in the unenviable position of having an ambitious bitch for a line manager, so I understand her frustration. I told her to send it, making sure the owners of the property received a copy too.

The letter will fall on deaf ears, or blind eyes, whatever, but it should make her feel better about leaving.

Its the age old story of 'new brooms' new GM, new Front Office, new Accommodation, all recruited from the GMs' pool of wannabes, well that's what you do isn't it? Surround yourself with old chums, people you've worked with before.......they do all the work, you sit back in the knowledge that they owe you and will do anything, almost, to keep their jobs.

I relocated this year to Cork from Mayo, and, after turning down three other offers, agreed to take a position with a General Manager I really felt I could work with, at a property that needed investment in both time and money, but had potential.
A few weeks later, he announced he was on a years' contract and was leaving.....

So the new guy starts....first week, and I find myself sending texts to an ex GM friend of mine telling him that I think this guy is a prick. 'Give him a chance, he's only just started' I am told, hmm maybe.....then, the following morning's meeting turns into a bloodbath. His parting shot was "I could get another Accommodation Manager to do your job for 10k less than you are getting". I wished him good luck, knowing full well that he had someone lined up already, and began scanning the sits vacant.

I can spot a bully a mile away, I no longer allow myself to be a victim of these reprehensible half wits, but I get so angry when I see it happening to someone else. I offered my lovely receptionist a job, just to see her and her daughter through Christmas, it not glamorous, but the moneys good, so I hope she agrees to take it.

I've just been reading about a project to build the first hotel in space.....fantastic, just think of the endless possibilities, imagine how many times you would hear yourself saying ' I'm sorry? your water won't stay in your bath? That would be the lack of gravity, I'll send a plumber up to you straight away.'

Jesus, who invented guests?

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