Hotel Management.....Why Do I Do This?

03 December 2007

The Start Of The Beginning

Last week I let the cleaning contractors go, they were costing the property over two grand a week, and I still can't figure out what they were doing.

Today, we have our own housekeeping team, five wonderful ladies, who, when I last checked, were rubbing and scrubbing like Billy-O.
I organised some training for them with Rosie, from the company that supplies the cleaning products, just to go over how and when to use the various chemicals and products etc..........she told me that she had never met a more enthusiastic God, I must be doing something right at last!

I have taken on quite a task here, although it is an established property, the area in which I am working is new, and so is my position, so it's a learning curve for all of us.

Some things you never forget though.

I had a long conversation with a long term resident this morning.

I was warned she was high maintenance, and so I was prepared for the sarcasm, the tears, the dramatics!

This was wrong, that was wrong, "it was never like this before."

'NO'.... because the contractors spent all fucking morning in your lodge pandering to your every fucking need you selfish cow......which is why they rushed the others they had to do..........which is why they were crap.............!!

What I actually said was, "please accept my apologies, my supervisor will be right down to you and you can direct her on your cleaning needs"

I also pointed out to her that her two cats (which she isn't supposed to have in there anyway) shit all over the floor, the girls had to scrape it off the runners on the patio door.....that shut her up!

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