Hotel Management.....Why Do I Do This?

01 December 2007

Don't thank me!

My husband saves lives, it's getting to be a habit. He isn't a firefighter, or a paramedic, he just seems to be around, when someone tries to kill themselves.

Last weekend he stopped a young lad, with obvious suicidal intentions, I say obvious because he was hanging over the parapet of the river bridge at midnight, I think he got home about two-ish.

I suppose I would have done the same, although I'm probably more cynical than him, less patient, and certainly not strong enough to pull a six foot drunken Irishman off a bridge.

A friend, far more spiritual than me, once said that she believed there are angels that walk the Earth, they're all around us, (woooo!) I put it down to too many chasers, but you know, I'm starting to think she's right.......

He told this lad not to thank him, he wasn't doing it for him, it was for purely selfish reasons in that he didn't want to read about him in the paper, knowing that he could have done something.

I love my life, but if I ever find myself looking down at rocks and flowing water....I hope my angel isn't too far away.

I seem to have worked in Hotels for ever, in one shape or form. It wasn't intentional, I wanted to be a nurse, but I didn't have the stomach.

Much to the disgust of my mother, I left her nest and went in search of a life of servitude.

I thought it would be fun, easy, I would meet lots of nice interesting people, be paid handsomely for my efforts and have a fab pad in the staff quarters.........would I do the same now, knowing the truth?

Of course I would!!

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