Hotel Management.....Why Do I Do This?

30 December 2007

No Title.

Well, after a weekend of hell I am now, officially 'off duty'. I will not answer the phone, they do not need me for at least two whole days!

I had a lovely Christmas in the bosom of my family, I hope everyone else did too.

But now, I just want to relax for a couple of days, and stop being amazed at the stupidity of some people.

Stupid cat woman blocked her sink with cat litter....hello?

Stupid pregnant woman blocked her sink, and next doors'pipes with all the fat that she had accumulated in the same roasting tin all over Christmas....hello?

Stupid drunkard wedding guest picked a fight with someone HUGE who could flatten him with one punch, and chose to bleed all over the parquet floors and cream carpets, without attempting to clean it up....hello?

Laundry failed to tell me that they had 'forgotten' to pick up our dirty linen, and so didn't bring back our clean....hello?

Every Manager in the property decided to take Christmas/New Year off, our busiest time since the summer....hello?

Blocked toilets,no shower pressure,no spare accommodation to move guests to,gas fires that refuse to light, central heating systems broken down, broken window from mis-hit golf ball, guests convinced they have ghosts, and no maintenance engineer, he's on holiday....oh fuck it....HAPPY NEW YEAR ONE AND ALL!!!!


Manuel said...

nye off? how did you manage that? have a good one....

Anonymous said...

Solve this riddle if you can:

Find the four letter word
below shown as ****

(Answer at the end
of this comment.)

If I could speak in any
language in heaven or
on earth but didn't ****
others, I would only be
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I would be no good to
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everything I have to
the poor and even
sacrificed my body,
I could boast about it;
but if I didn't **** others,
I would be of no value
whatsoever. **** is
patient and kind. ****
is not jealous or boastful
or proud or rude. ****
does not demand its
own way. **** is not
irritable, and it keeps
no record of when it
has been wronged.
It is never glad about
injustice but rejoices
whenever the truth
wins out. **** never
gives up, never loses
faith, is always hopeful,
and endures through
every circumstance.

May You Always
Experience This
Kind Of ****,
Dr. Howdy

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Tell me sometime what your
thoughts are about all this
and whether you figured
out this riddle or not:O)

Riddle Answer:
**** = Love

ellie said...

Sorry to be a pain but I have tagged you with a Meme .... hope you don't mind, feel free to ignore it if you want.
Hope the break from work was good x

Hotel Chick said...

OMG that was funny!