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07 January 2009

Snip Snip, There Goes The Gold Card.

Re-deploy my arse!

Due to the fact that Mr. Cowan got his degree in a lucky bag, can't add up and probably 'mislaid' the tax returns from one or two Independent TDs, we are now in a situation whereby I have to let some of my best workers go.

I have to tell one of my cleaners today that she is now redundant, with a weeks notice. She has just got married, moved to a new house and her husband is on short time working as of this week too. The fact that she has no kids is no consolation given the fact that she would like to start a family sometime soon. Not only that but I have to shift personnel around to make them more cost effective!

Thanks Brian, thanks Bertie, I hope you can sleep at night.

My GM told me this week that if things don't 'pick up', that all the Managers will be taking a 10% cut in salary, I'm sure he is aware of the 'can't do shit without consultation' clause in our contracts.

The alternative will be re-deployment, which for some of us would be a welcome change, and for others a trip down memory lane, back into the depths of greasy kitchens and written scripts when working the switchboard.

I understand that early retirement is going to be offered to some of our die hards, just as well, otherwise we might find lunchtimes like this...

I would probably quite enjoy a change, but as my position is 'unique' I have to stay where I am, do the math, and deliver the bad news.

I could opt for a shorter week, why should I do the same amount of work for less money? If I had to choose, I would do less hours and be home more to annoy the children, but bossman wants me here for five days out of the seven so....I might start reading those automated emails from the recruitment agency that I didn't bother to unsubscribe to. I don't want to change jobs, but needs must where the devil drives.

Ho hum, doom and gloom....and, believe it or not, I'm the happy, annoying one around here!!


Maxi Cane said...

That sucks.

I've experienced something similar recently.

Fuck the government.

Queen Of Clean said...

No thanks Max...ugly bastards every one of them!

To add insult to injury, they took their 1% pound of flesh today too!!!

Global Hotel Nomad said...

Love you blog! I am blogging my life as a hotel GM and the economy has affected the industry so much that my company as a whole will not give pay increase or bonus. I can tell you I am pissed off as well. But as a GM there is no 'shorter' week for me. In any case I sympathize with you and everyone who has been affected. We all hope the economy picks up again.

You are welcome to read my blog:

banquet manager said...

That's always the issue, as soon as the hotel gets slow, the "big shots" want us to cut staff. But of course we need to keep the service level high. Yeah, good luck with that!

Queen Of Clean said...

GHN...welcome! I am getting as sick of hearing 'pick up' as I am of 'Recession'!! standards, like my drawers, never drop during working hours! My GM is including himself in the 10% I should add.(Believe that when I see it).

MikeTheWaiterDotCom said...

well, sometimes you just got to do what you got to do. the business world can be very cruel. It's a tough economy right now... so my unsolicited advice is to bite the bullet and hang in there till things get a little better. you'll find problems at the next place, too ... just new faces.
peace, mTw

English Mum said...

Bloody hell that's awful. Nothing like having to be the bearer of bad new to ruin your week.

Anonymous said...

Oh God, I'm so sorry you have to be the messenger, that's soul destroying. The more I read stuff like this, the more I feel some sort of revolution is needed. Sounds naive, but wouldn't it be better to have people in power who aren't out for their own interests all the time?

Politicians who hate politics. Is that so hard?

Love the clip!!! Julie Walters is legend.

Kelley said...

For once it would be nice for those that make the decisions be the ones that give the bad news.

Instead of passing the buck.

Hope it went as well as it could with the cleaner. I feel for you both