Hotel Management.....Why Do I Do This?

06 November 2009

So Many Changes, So Little Bandwidth..!

Yep, getting on for a year.

I could never be accused of being prolific.

Blogs come, and thankfully, go. Just lately I have started to examine the benefits of blogging, and I reached the conclusion that they are an invaluable, unique way of recording the mundane, self absorbed trite, and the bullshit that rules our lives.

The main attractions, the star turns, might scream at us from the front pages and breakfast TV news, but it isn't them that change our lives, it's the small things, the kind word from a friend here, a sympathetic look there, a wink if you're lucky. These are the things that make us do things differently, make us cross the road, buy a different brand of coffee, wake up an hour earlier so to spend more time with the kids, not how many hours Mary Harney spent in a Government jet at our expense. It does matter, but it doesn't matter.

And so, to write a blog, or diary, for me is more about the little events that shape my life, not just work, but real life too, tedious as it will be for industry based researchers looking for an angle on how they should set up a blog....

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Fat Sparrow said...

Well, you're more regular than me.